Yasoob Haq

Elites Cricket Club



To whom it may concern,

Hello Sir/Madam,

?My name is Yasoob Ul Haq and i am writing in regards to applying for the US Open Draft 2018. I am originally from Multan, Pakistan where i was first introduced to this beautiful game of Cricket. I came to Canada in 2006 and i am now a proud Canadian Citizen living in Edmonton, Alberta.?

When i first arrived to Edmonton in 2006 i was not sure that there will be cricket on this side of the world, That did not stop me from going out and looking for any sign of cricket. A year later i discovered the Edmonton Cricket League and found Elite Cricket Club. My fielding/Batting performance during my first season was quickly recognized and i was appointed to represent the Edmonton City U19 team and later on selected to represent the Alberta Senior men’s team where i played alongside some of the best players in Alberta such as Khurram Chohan and Hamza Tariq.?

I have since been with Elites Cricket Club and have consecutively represented Alberta every year to this season. Throughout the years i have been awarded many best batsmen/ Best fielder trophies and this season i was given the BEST BATSMEN award in the Western Canada Tournament and was selected for the training camp in Ontario.? Not only have i represented Alberta i have also had the pleasure to play and perform against some of the top players Canada has to offer in tournaments such as NCL, John Ross, BC Big Bash and Alberta Super Bash. My domestic league stats can be found here :?http://www.cricketstar.net/edmonton/statsmostruns.php

Thank you for your time and i hope this Message finds you well. You can reach me via phone at 7802979252 or via Email at yasoob.haq@hotmail.com