Parjit Singh

Club Cricketer



Name: Parjit Singh

Nickname: Raj

Age: 28

Height: 6?

Weight: 205lb

Cricket career: Started playing cricket at the age of 13. Played under 19 for Amritsar(India) District level. Selected in under 22 ?for State level Punjab(India) in 2011, But could not play because I was immigrated to USA in May 2011. Countinued playing cricket in Philadelphia. Represented ?Prior Cricket Club? for 2011 & 2012 PCL. Played for ?British Officers Cricket Club? in ?Greater Philadelphia Cricket league? for three years. Now plays in Saint Louis local leagues.

100s in entire career: 5

50s in entire career: A lots of 50s

Talents:Parjit Singh prefers to open the inning as a batsman, Middle order according to the team?s requirements. ?Also can keep if required.?

Full time Bowler?

Right arm off spinner, In Swing , Gugly.