Amahl Nathaniel




?My name is Amahl Nathaniel. im 23 years of age and i am 6 ft 4 inches. I am a Right Arm Top Order Batsman , and i also bowl off spin as well. I play first class cricket in Antigua and First Division in Barbados basically the highest level of cricket within both countries.i am also a west indies level 1 certified coach. I made my us open debut in 2012 with the boom boom raiders. Due to university i missed the other years of he tournmament. I played US open 2017 with smart choice and got the second most wickets in the team and was most economical when i bowled 4 overs for 17 runs with 4 wickets the only time i got to bowl in the tournament which put me in 19th place for wickets in the tournament( )

i currently am playing the season in barbados whcih will finish just in time for the tournament the link provided below will provide you of some of my current scores and recent performances when you type in the name Amahl Nathaniel and Amal Nathaniel since they have troubles spelling my name sometime.

I also played in The cool and smooth t20 tournament in Antigua in june where i got 4th most wickets?

i m in decent form and hoping to carry it throughout the year and years to come , will be looking forward to represent you at the US open 2018.